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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Some Articles I Have Written.

By far, the greatest experience I had in law school involved writing and editing a paper on religious freedom and persecution around the world. I am still doing a lot of work on this topic. The 'prettiest' view of that paper is here, but it's a slow Adobe file. A quick and searchable view is available at the link in the next sentence.

Two other papers can best be viewed by clicking here. One involves religious freedom in the U.S. and some of the bizarre rulings fashioned by the Supreme Court in recent years. The paper focuses on the Supreme Court's ruling in the Houston-area case of Santa Fe v. Doe. You may remember that as the case in which the Court said a student-elected representative, praying a student-initiated prayer, at a non-academic, non-compulsory, after-hours function, did, nevertheless, represent a governmental establishment of religion in violation of the First Amendment.

The other paper concerns the Stark law, a maddening attempt to govern fraudulent behavior by doctors--a law so complex, the U.S. government agency charged with its execution had made little progress 13 years after its passage.

I've written a few things I like that never made it to the web. Maybe I'll scan them....


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